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.Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, however, global caviar supply has undergone a drast▓ic decline. The long-established sturgeon and caviar management system gradually weakened, resulting in rampant illegal fishing and habitat degradation.Today, global caviar production remains steady at around 200 tons a year and larg

ely comes from artificial breeding, as several sturgeon species have been classified as endangered since 200

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ring the investment time required for the fish's maturity and egg prod

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uction," Xia said.With an initial investment of around 6 million yuan, ma▓inly from several fou

demand globally. But we still be

nding partners, Kaluga Queen harvested its first batch of caviar in 2006 and started t

o widely market it the following year, when China's food-safety pro▓blem was at its peak."At first, we were treated with such bias th▓at once they heard it's 'Made-in-China', people would turn us do

wn immediately without opening the can and having a taste," Xia recalled.After attaining several top winner titles at caviar

blind tasting events and exhibitions with its high quality▓,

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Kaluga Queen had its first breakthrough, becoming the supplier of Lufthansa's first-class cabins

China," said Xia, who has been

▓in 2011.Today, the company is expected to keep a double-digit growth rate, with produc

tion reaching 100 tons in 2019. While the growth is seen evenly in both retail and partnership with fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels, Xia thinks there will be growing potential in retail

as more Chinese consumers get their first bite of th▓e roe."Our strategy is to work with as many restaurants as possible in C

hina▓, turning them into our tasting rooms to deliver our roe

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ompany since its founding.Xia an

s as extensivel▓y as possible. Once the foundation is built, we will reduce the retail price, say

d Wang Bing, founder of the co

by 5 percent, to get millions of consumers hooked," he said.Kaluga Queen is now the e

xclusive supplier of caviar for around 500 restaurants and hotels in China, but most of them are Western-style restaurants."The way and amount of caviar being used in Chinese cuisines curre▓ntly

only represent a tip of the iceberg," said Xia, whose team is now working closely with Chinese fine dining restaurants inc

luding Da Dong, the roast duck chain, and Xin Rong Ji, the sea

mpany, were part of a research

food chain, to develop new dishes using caviar.Meanwhile, the company's research and development

team funded by th▓e Chinese Ac

team is also working to use other parts of the fish, including sturgeon fillets, marr

ows and skin for leather products, though caviar will remain the chief money-spinner for the company, Xia added.More Western food being made at homeJust one decade ago, Chinese consumers were stoc

king imported food and formu▓la milk powders amid the country's incessant food-safety issues. However, the past decade has

also witnessed a growing number of pr▓emium Western food prod

ademy of F
ishery Sciences that helped make

ucers from both China and abroad locating their manufacturing bases in the country, and labeling

sturgeon farming possible i▓n

their▓ pricey products "Made in China", in an attempt to feed the increasing appetit

e for a taste of luxury.Foie grasFrench group Euralis, which produ▓ces nearly a quarter of the foie gras consumed in Fr▓ance, first entered the Chinese mainland in 2007, setting up a farm in Beijing

. Late in 2012, the farm was dest▓royed in a snowstorm. In 2014, the company announced a new plan to rebuild ▓a rearing farm

together with a processing plant and commercial structure in

the late 1
990s.Li Jun, director of the Chi

Lianyungang, Jiangsu p▓rovince, at a cost of 15 million euros ($18.4 million).The facility is e

na Sturgeon Association, gave a

xpected to raise one million geese by 2020, and supply mainly to luxury hotels and res

taurants in Shanghai and Beijing."This is a market that is experiencing strong growth. In China, foie gras is cropping up more and more in the fine-dining industry and we firmly believe that it w▓i

ll become an ingredient in Chinese cuisine," said Guy de Saint Laurent, director of Rougié China, Euralis' subsidiary

.Black trufflesSouthwest China's Yunnan province is known as

more mod

the home to more than 250 types of mushrooms. Black tr▓uffle is one of the most expensive varieties that is s

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est prediction. He estimates

old for 130 yuan ($20.7) to 1,300 yuan per kilogram. Production is estimated at around 200 metric tons every year, with the majori▓ty bein

g exported overseas.A highly fragmented industry supported mainly by individual farmers and wholesalers, the black truffles harvested in▓ Yunnan are generally considered to be of lower quality than the

that by 2020, China will

ir peers from Périgord锛▓峵he finest in France锛峬ainly because they are usually picked hastily befo▓re they are fully matured. But t

heir much lower price, often just a fraction of the▓ European varieties, has led to them being used more practically and widely by chefs and cooks.Art▓isan cheeseLiu Yang, 44, is known as Mr Cheese amo

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ng expats and gourmands in Beijing. Having studied internat

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able of managing a com plete supply cha in of caviar, wh ich starts fro m sturgeon breeding and concludes with t he final pac▓kaging of the de licate roe.The consumption of ca viar began to pick up in C hina around 20 12, but the bu d was nipped the next ye ar due▓ to the anti -graft campaign introd uced by the central au thorities, which pro h▓ibits luxury dining a nd gift givi 安仁县5G 潮安县wap 东明县5G 定襄县wap 涪陵区5G 16.河南省5G 崇州市5G 魏县wap 湄潭县wap 武川县5G 科尔沁左翼中旗wap 凉城县5G 通道侗族自治县5G 宁蒗彝族自治县5G 迁西县wap 宁河县5G 长寿区wap 英山县wap 清苑县wap 罗甸县wap 传奇私服客户端完整版 最新传奇私服开服时间表 传奇私服单职业无赦版本 今日新开超级变态传奇私服网站 我想开传奇私服 1.85玉兔传奇私服网 传奇私服网站新开网单职业微端 传奇私服挂机刷元宝 刀塔传奇私服送v15 热血传奇私服